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Lead Discovery

Lead Tracking


Turning anonymous visitors into known leads. By tracking B2B visitors and collecting their information straight from your Web site, your marketing will add a new dimension and insight your website visitors. The website visitors can after segmentation and qualification be converted to new hot leads that bring better timing in sales.


Use our entire database for lead segmentation, creating target groups based on B2B data such as:


  • Organisation data (name, ID nr, DUNS)

  • Industry segments (SIC, SNI, NACE)

  • Location (Postal code, city country, address)

  • Size (Turnover, nr employees)

  • Account name, organisation number or DUNS number

Account Based Advertisements

We continuously and manually verify and enhance organisation data to ensure the highest possible lead data quality. Lead Enhancement services can be added as additional extra to ensure a high rate of manual enhancements of customer specific visits.

Don't waste, time money and attention on the wrong audience! Lead Targeting allow you to narrow your scope of communication.

Lead Targeting



Connect Leadenhancer with your other systems. Leadenhancer connects to 3rd party services via standard Apps and/or OpenAPI. Send leads to your CRM/ERP system, use the scoring and tracking information in your marketing automation platform, send your Leadenhancer Segments to your Adserver or Data Management Platform (DMP).


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Leadenhancer is an Self Service (SaaS) platform for the modern B2B marketeer that want to generate leads and customer intelligence for its sales organisation. Leadenhancer Automate B2B Lead Generation by identifying anonymous visitors on your websites, send automatic sales lead reports to the sales force and allow marketing to start target leads with personalised communication through IP targeted advertisement and personalised website content.

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