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Actionable data where you need it

Leadenhancer is powerful on its own,

but in combination with 3rd party solutions, its unbeatable!  


In Leadenhancer Apps we are showcasing existing and recommended integrations and applications. The Rest API ensure that its possible to integrate with any system of choice, so that you can get the most out of your investment in Leadenhancers Lead Generation Solution.

Leadenhancer for SuperOffice

An easy-to-implement Leadenhancer application for SuperOffice making it possible to see and import website visits into SuperOffice. Use the unique knowledge of your leads and customer’s visits to your website to optimize the timing of sales and marketing efforts directly in SuperOffice.

  • Dashboard overview

  • Display website visits

  • Create follow up activities from a Leadenhancer visit

  • Sales & marketing intelligence

The Leadenhancer for SuperOffice App is developed and provided by SiteShop/Keyforce.


Leadenhancer is integrated with Adforms DMP and Ad Tech platform, making it possible to set up campaigns based on Leadenhancer targeting segments.


The segments can be custom build in Leadenhancer and made available for the advertiser in Adforms DMP to be used for targeted banner advertising campaigns.

Rest API


Use our Rest APIs to create your own apps and integrations with Leadenhancer.

Contact us for access to our Developer Portal

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