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Start your B2B Marketing journey here by reaching out to us. As a Marketer, CRM Vendor, Publisher, Adservers we have solutions for your business.

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Leadenhancer Sweden

Box 436
Renstiernas Gata 23
116 31 Stockholm


Leadenhancer Denmark/Valoris ApS

Mosekæret 4
3660 Stenløse

Phone +45 61 7188 55


About Leadenhancer

Leadenhancer is an Self Service (SaaS) platform for the modern B2B marketeer that want to generate leads and customer intelligence for its sales organisation. Lead generation tools has been around for some time, Leadenhancers mission is to take the traditional lead information from nice to have to a MUST HAVE, by providing a tool for automated lead generation, adding an actionable source of business critical information. 

Our unique database makes it possible to identify and target organisations on the internet giving tremendous possibilities for innovative and efficient marketing and sales using techniques such as IP targeted advertisements and personalized website content.

Leadenhancer is based in Sweden and serve its predominately European customers with global data.

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