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Account-Based Marketing Brings in Leads in a New Market Segment

Based in Denmark, our client has been supplying industry-specific profile products for over 50 years. They started in the automotive business, expanded with the real estate business, and have recently branched out into the manufacturing industry.

As was expected, plunging into a new market segment necessitated better, more fine-tuned marketing tool. Taking action requires a clever approach. In the modern marketing game, random outreach is no longer a viable option.

Our client wanted to ensure that their enquiries were appropriately qualified. They only wanted to interact with production companies who had a genuine interest in their products.

How We Helped

Account Based Marketing (ABM) was the ideal solution for the client’s needs. Each week, they receive four reports which detail the names of companies that visit their website. Through these reports, it’s possible for our client to see precisely which products and services their site visitors are interested in.

These companies can then be contacted within a week of their visit to the website. We give the vendors a chance to strike while the iron is hot; reaching out to pre-qualified leads while they’re still interested.

Additionally, our client also has the ability to use ABM banner ads to reach out to selected companies that may have a solid interest in their products. As many as 9% of visitors click on these banner ads. This is a huge step up from the average click through rate of 1%.

ABM has afforded our client the opportunity to leverage the interest of their prospects while they’re still “hot”. It’s all about establishing and fostering strong customer relationships.

Official Results

Here’s what we helped our client achieve:

  • 9% click-through rate from ABM ads

  • 78 new hot and qualified leads per month on average

  • 45000 relevant views over 2 months

If you’re looking for the same awesome kickstart to your marketing approach, reach out to us and we’ll help you set up a free trial.


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