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Lead Generation Approaches

Lead generation isn’t easy. Let’s start with that fact.

Relying on traditional approaches makes the whole gig even more stressful.

When your marketing efforts are centered around sending cold emails and scraping lists together, you’re bound to start feeling more and more overwhelmed.

People don’t want to talk to salespeople. That’s the bottom line. And frankly, it’s not your fault. Unfortunately, you do end up dealing with the fallout.

There has to be a better way to go about it all.

The good news: You can switch up your tactics and take a more modern approach.

You don’t have to fall behind.

The name of the game: Networking and building relationships

1. Seek Inspiration From the Pros

Thought leaders got where they are for a reason. It’s smart to build a collection of their “secrets to success”. To provide value in your content - whether it’s an email, blog, or tweet - is to reach out to an industry expert and ask them for a quick interview. Ask them a single powerful question, or a few shorter questions, and use their answers to fuel your content.

All you need to make an impact is a few choice words. Over time, your audience will realise how committed you are to delivering solid advice, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

2. Use Lead Generation Tools

Why do all of the difficult legwork when there’s a tool that can do it for you? Tools like Leadenhancer help you find relevant B2B leads so you can tailor your outreach to a specific audience. This is account based marketing on steroids. Why go through the process of filtering out bad leads until you find one solid one, when you can get a head start?

3. Use Video to Your Advantage

People these days operate on the principle of instant gratification. They want information - and they want it now. A large number of people would rather watch a helpful video than scan a detailed article. It is what it is.

Why rely on text-based FAQs or tips and tricks when you can provide a helpful video that’s short, sweet, and engaging. Many social media platforms are prioritising native video content over any other content. It’s definitely worth your while to hop on that bandwagon.

4. Leverage the SEO Power of Customer Reviews

Review platforms have a surprisingly strong presence in organic search results. While you’re working on building up your own SEO foundations, you can leverage these reviews to boost your online presence. Client reviews can help you get noticed by the right audience much quicker than any other content. Connect with your customers via email or social media and ask them to help you out by writing a quick review. Give them a little freebie if you need to.

These reviews are an incredibly fast and effective way to kickstart your SEO efforts. You don’t want to take them for granted.

5. Give Your Prospects Something Useful

Every business out there needs something. Whether they need easily accessible information, or whether they need a smart way to improve their daily tasks, there’s a gap in the market for useful content.

You could spend some time developing infographics or case studies with valuable information. You could even create a whitepaper that deals with topics that are specific to your prospects’ industry. Take it a step further and develop helpful worksheets or spreadsheets - something they can use to improve the way they go about their daily processes.

It might take some time to develop these resources but it’ll be worth it. You’ll arm yourself with something you can trade. This is content you can leverage in the best possible way.

Overall, there are tons of ways you can up your lead generation game. It’s just a matter of trying different avenues and sticking to your guns. You’re in it for the long haul. You’re here to establish solid relationships that stand the test of time.

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