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How to Score (and Keep) New Clients

Onboarding new clients isn’t as quick of a process as you might think. It takes weeks of hard work, persuasion, and dedication to getting them (and keeping them) onboard. There are no shortcuts to fall back on. Not any that would help you get the customers you ACTUALLY want.

Focus, planning, and patience. That’s what you really need to build habits that establish a solid and trustworthy reputation.

It’s Your Job to Be Resourceful

You might specialise in one particular niche. Offer a main service or product. But that doesn’t mean you don’t offer anything else. In the case that you find a client who asks for something you don’t actually offer, it’s up to you to turn that into an opportunity. Point them in the right direction. Build up a network of partnerships that help you keep clients in the “zone”.

It might seem like you’re just passing on business to someone else. But here’s the thing: you’re actually ingratiating yourself with these clients and showing them you care. When they DO need your services, they’ll remember how helpful you were and reach out.

Similarly, building a partner network means that your partners will refer clients to you when there’s a service they don’t offer. It’s an organic way to grow your business and stay top of mind. In this day and age, being helpful is what really matters.

You Can Be an Expert on Any Subject

To be successful in the digital sphere, you need to be able to adapt. When targeting clients, it’s up to you to develop a thorough understanding of their industry. You need to discover what challenges your clients face and find out how to overcome them. Research what will benefit your clients both in the long- and short term.

Way too many businesses out there settle on one type of client. They never branch out. This helps them become an authority on that particular field. Collecting an arsenal of useful advice that just never runs dry. It’s an approach that definitely works for some.

Some businesses, however, do what they can to adapt. They develop an approach for each audience they target. Become experts in several fields. It’s difficult but it’s not impossible. These are the businesses that are willing to learn and grow. And it’s this go-getter attitude that makes them successful.

Become a Good Listener

Your first meeting with a prospective client - whether in person or online - is your chance to really shine.

This doesn’t mean you should show off. In the end, it’s not actually about your knowledge or expertise. Remember this: it’s always about the client. It’s about their needs, their wants, their goals, and their challenges.

Meetings like this are a prime opportunity for you to listen. That’s what clients really appreciate.

Don’t fall into the trap of making shop talk. Let your client do most of the talking. Let them give their opinions, air their frustrations, ask their most pertinent questions. Take some time to really understand what they need. When they’re done talking, evaluate their needs and what you can really offer them that will be of use to them.

All in all, you want to make a good impact. Be available to clients. Answer their emails on time. Be helpful and give them valuable information when they need it.

Don’t make the mistake of giving priority to your current clients and neglect your prospects. You need to be able to juggle both.

It’s all about balance.

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